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Getting Sales but Struggling to Get Remarkable ROAS and Scale?
…if you are running an ecommerce store then this is probably the most important thing you’ll learn today. You see, getting sales on your ecommerce store is not the head-shaker. With tons of traffic going to your store, you’re bound to see some sales.

What actually matters is the ROAS (return on ad spend). Why?
Because it’s the ROAS that decides if your ads are running profitably enough to let you easily scale.
Most entrepreneurs make the mistake of running ads with super-low ROAS and try to scale them. That’s when everything trembles and your campaigns start to break. 
  • Your ad costs skyrocket 
  • Your sales dramatically drop 
  • Your ROAS diminish 
  • ​​Your entire business goes into jeopardy 
How We Got 52X ROAS and $41K in Sales for a Store!
By going behind the scenes and closely understanding the goals, vision, and target audience of the business, we came up with a game-changing strategy for the business.
The Problem
........What we noticed was that the client’s targeting was off. And that’s one of the biggest mistakes any ecommerce store owner can make!

..........You see, if your targeting is off then nothing else really matters.

.......Imagine this. You are trying to sell a dog shower with the perfect ad and the most irresistible offer in the world.

...........But you show your ad to someone who doesn’t even own a dog.

..............Now tell me, what are the odds of this person buying your product? Pretty slim, right?

...........And that’s exactly what was bottle-necking their sales and ROAS and keeping them from truly scaling and growing their revenues.
The Solution & The Results
We look at every campaign holistically:
  • We dived deep into their target audience and conducted manual research on the demographics, psychographics, and other traits of their target audience.
  • By using our years of expertise, paid tools, and past experience, we made significant changes to their targeting inside the business manager.
  • Once we nailed the targeting; the next obvious step was to create ads that resonated with their target market and lowered their CPCs and increased their CTRs.
  • ​After nailing their targeting and creating relevant high-converting ads, we were ready to help them take off and explode their sales.
The Results
  • By adjusting their targeting and creating super-specific and laser-targeted ads with stunning visuals and persuasive messaging, we were able to dramatically increase their sales and uplift their ROAS to a whopping 52X.
  • They saw a jaw-dropping increase in their revenues ($41K in sales) and were finally able to scale their ecommerce store. 
  • This is what we do for each of our clients and that’s why our clients can put faith in our abilities with peace of mind. 
Proven Results: Among The Top Agencies In The Business
Disclaimer: These results (or any other results) are not expected to be considered as "typical results." The point of these results is to let you see what we have achieved with other e-com stores like yours.
Check Out What Our Clients About Our B.M.S.L System
Disclaimer: These testimonials are not expected to be considered as "typical results." The point of these testimonials is to let you hear from people that have had results so you can hear their story.
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Disclaimer: These testimonials are not expected to be considered as "typical results." The point of these testimonials is to let you hear from people that have had results so you can hear their story.
Power Of Winning Retargeting and Email Campaigns
.........Another mistake that most ecommerce store owners make is not using the power of retargeting.

.........Statistics reveal that on average a potential customer needs to see an ad 7 times before they buy from you.

.........It means that showing your ads to someone and leaving them alone is not enough if:

1)They didn’t interact with your ad.
2)Interacted with the ad but didn’t visit the store.
3)Visited the store but didn’t add the item to the cart.
4)Added the item to cart but never completed the purchase.

..........You see, if you are leaving your potential buyers alone at any of the above stages, then you are missing out on massive revenues.

........Retargeting campaigns can do wonders if you know how to properly implement them and leverage their power.
23X ROAS and $112K in Sales Using the Power of Retargeting
......Just like every client, we dived deep into this client’s business and tried to understand the key problems that were keeping them from getting remarkable ROIs on their ad spend.

........By carefully analyzing, we realized how they were making a fatal mistake of not retargeting their prospects. And this was exactly the biggest roadblock in their growth.
The Problem
  • People were interacting with their ads and even visiting the store but they weren’t buying. Some would add the products to the cart but never checked out. 
  • The client had no retargeting or email marketing campaigns setup. 
  • You see, “Email list is your business’s #1 asset.” 
  • ​But if you don’t touch base with that list or send them automated emails then it becomes your biggest liability. 
So, it was pretty obvious that the reason why they weren’t crushing it with their ads was the lack of high-converting retargeting campaigns in place
The Solution
  • We instantly got to work and started setting up retargeting campaigns for every stage of their audience. 1)People who watched a certain percentage of their video.
  • 2)People who visited their store but didn’t add the product to the cart.
  • 3)People who added the product to the cart but didn’t checkout.
  • This way, we were able to run cheap retargeting ads to remind these people of our product and offered them discounts to complete their purchase.  
  • Next, we set up email marketing campaigns with a high-converting and compelling copy to take the readers back to their store. 
  • ​This enabled us to recapture the potential customers who were already interested in their brand/store but simply forgot about it or were on the verge of buying.
The Results
  • As expected, the results were mind-blowing. Within a few days of implementing our campaigns, the client saw a mind-boggling 23X ROAS and a massive $112K in sales. 
  • His stagnant email list came to life and the people who interacted with their ads were now getting properly retargeted. 
  • This empowered our clients to scale their business and significantly boost their revenues. 
WAIT!!! As Our B.M.S.L Is NOT For Everyone Please Check Who We Can Help:

Starting Out

  • You own an eCommerce/drop-shipping store in any niche
  • Your store is generating $0-$10K/mth
  • You have NOT run any campaign or been running for less than 7 mth (consecutively) with less than 2X ROAS & less than $2K ad spend/M
  • ​You are willing to spend a min of $2000/M
  • ​You are ready to see dizzying returns on your ad spend during 90 management days (or money back +$600 for waisting time)

Looking To Scale

  • You own an eCommerce/drop-shipping store 
  • Your store is already turning over upwards of $10K/mth
  • You are cracking a winning strategy
  • ​You are ready to hand over the paid advertising reigns to a dedicated team you can trust
  • ​You are ready to see dizzying returns on your ad spend
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